how to charge rv battery

How to Charge RV Battery? [Solution]

RV is just like a small home running on the road. It means that you can explore the world with your home. It contains all the necessary items which you use at your homes such as air conditioner, fridge, water dispenser, or many other things. But there is little difference between home and RV is that you could not use electricity in your RV as your home. RV use Batteries to run all electronics appliances. You have to charge the battery and then you can run all the appliances. How to Charge RV Battery correctly? is a question that arrives in mind of every RV owner.

There are two types of batteries used in the RV. The one is a 120-volt AC system, and the other one is a 120-volt DC system. The AC system is used to run heavy appliances such as air conditioners, refrigerators, or other heavy electronics. The 120-volt system is the most substantial battery for any recreational vehicle.

There are a few steps to follow to how to Charge RV Battery correctly.

Turn off RV battery

This step is obvious to follow if you want to use your battery for the long term. Before charging must turn off the battery because it will prevent it from any damage, and also it can enhance the working capability of the battery.


Always try to fit the battery at the right location. All the batteries are different in size. There are a lot of different size and types of batteries available in the market. so, you have to choose best RV battery according to the design of your RV.


Now, this step is a little bit tricky. You have to remove all the cables attached to the battery. But make sure that you have to wear some gloves before touching the wires. The black cable is a must to remove. And keep in mind that you have to remove the black cable before red color cable.


Now, this process is a must to follow. The battery contains so much dust on it, especially in connections. After removing the cables, try to clean all the attachments. The best way to clean is that, use some baking soda with water and make a paste. Then use it with a clean cloth or soft tissue to remove all the dust. You can use any wire brush instead of fabric. After that, wash it with water.

Water level

With time the water level of the battery can be low, so open the cap from the top of the battery and check the water level. You can use a funnel to correct it. If it is low, then you have to add water in it to make it fill to the required line.

Attach battery with charger

Now the final step is attach the RV battery with charger. You have to do it in the right way. The first step is that you have to connect the battery with the red connections from the positive side and, after that, join the negative side of the battery with black regards.

Plug off

Keep an eye on the battery, never let it overcharge. The battery will show you the sign of full charging through a light. When the light turns on, then you have to plug it off from charging. And now, your battery is ready to run your appliances.

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