how to clean an rv awning

How To Clean An RV Awning? [Easy Cleaning Tips]

If you use RV for living, so it means that you spend more time on the road and exploring different places. In RV, there is a particular space for everything. But In this guide, we talk about awning which is used to sit around with your friends, or you can do your workout, etc. but you have to clean it out twice in fifteen days because It’s very important to keep clean RV awning. Sometimes there are kids used to play. And sometimes you have some guests who sit there and eat many things. So you should keep it clean. Usually, The RV awning cleaning process takes an hour, but don’t worry, Mrrvexpert team gives some tips on how to clean an RV awning in five minutes.


You don’t need to buy any extra new cleaner for RV awning. You can make the best cleaner for RV awning by yourself. At first, you have to find a spray bottle, try to find any weed spray bottle. But wash it completely with water. Many people use dish soap to make cleaner. Because it is soft and smooth, and also it will not damage the paint. But you can also use dawn ultra soap to make cleaner. There is much variety available in the market. Moreover, you can use a simple cleaner like car soap or any hydrogen soap, etc.

Bottom of awning

The next step is how you can use a spray cleaner on RV awning. You have to start from the bottom of the awning. Spray with care in bottoms of the awning. Also, try to spray all the undersides of the awning. And the other thing is that if you don’t have time for cleaning and you want to finish it faster than you can use sprayer instead of a spray bottle. It will help you to complete your task quickly.

Roll up

Now the next step is also important. You have to roll up the awning of RV and let it free for one hour. After that, clean out the awning place with spray. This process will dave your time, and you can spend it to clean other places also.

Unroll it

After cleaning now, you have to unroll your RV awning and wash it with water. The best way is that you can use your hose to rinse it off completely. You can use any step stool to keep an eys in its cleaning process. But if you are a tall person, then you don’t need it.

Dry out

Now, this step is very easy because you don’t have to do anything. After rinsing it off, you have to place it in sunlight and let it dry out. You have to wait for some hours. And after drying, you can roll up the awning and place it in its original space in RV.


If you want to clean RV awning daily or you have kids who play on your awning all the time. So when your kids are sleeping, then you can wipe your awning by simple brush or and soft fabric. It is the easiest way to clean it out. And you can do it daily.

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