Flojet RV Water Pump – Don’t Buy One Until You Read This

Flojet RV Water Pump

You’re driving down the road, minding your own business when suddenly you hear a jolt, and your RV begins to slow. You ignore it at first. You eventually come to a halt, open your door, and sure enough, that dreaded smell of diesel fills your nostrils. Not wanting to be stranded in the middle of Nowhere-Ville with no means of making it back home, you get out, pop open the hood and begin trying desperately to diagnose what could be wrong (after all, this is why you purchased an extended warranty). Flojet RV Water Pump is the best option to resolve your issues doesn’t matter where are you.

A few hours later, after exhausting every option imaginable, one of several things has happened; you either had the money for a tow truck or had no choice but to walk back home. Unfortunately, no matter which one is, the lifespan of your RV has now come to an abrupt halt, and you’ll be stuck paying it off for years to come.

Affordable Water Pump

Well, there is another option. You could take a chance and purchase an affordable water pump replacement such as this 1/2 HP 120V AC Portable Electric Submersible Well Jet Pump Flojet RV Camping Water Pump. It’s low-priced and seems like it would do the trick, but you’re still not convinced…

I mean, really, how can it work? And what happens if you absolutely need a spare part during an emergency?? What quality should I look for when purchasing a used RV water pump? Will my warranty cover it? How often should I change out my water pump? Can I even do it myself?

Water Pump

Don’t worry! We’ll answer all of these questions and so much more. So just take a quick scroll down, read this article, and you’ll have the knowledge necessary to avoid making the same mistake many other RV’ers have fallen victim to. On top of that, if you’re ever curious about how to use your new water pump or how it works, then be sure to check out this video. It breaks down the entire process step-by-step in super convenient bullet points. So let’s get started, shall we…

FAQs about Used RV Water Pumps

1.) How frequently should I replace my RV water pump?

When used as directed, most pumps can last anywhere from 3-7 years, depending on the quality and use. It’s also important to remember that most systems have a float switch that turns off the pump once it reaches a predetermined level. If this is not activated, there is no telling how long your water pump will continue to run, wasting energy and shortening its lifespan.

2.) I already replaced my water pump with a super cheap model, but now it looks as if it won’t turn on unless I hold down the power button. How do I fix this?

Unfortunately, you may have received a defective model. For whatever reason, cheap pumps are sometimes manufactured with cheap parts, so be sure to read reviews before purchasing a new one OR, along with our guide on how to fix your water pump, consider purchasing a better quality model.

3.) My RV is constantly leaking; what should I do?

If you constantly have water dripping out of your plumbing, then chances are you’ve either got a bad seal, or the hoses need replacing. Ensure to check both of these before spending any money on repairs as it may not be necessary. However, if there is damage done to the hoses or seals, you will need to replace them.

4.) Should I use hot water when filling up my tank?

It’s recommended that cold water be used for most systems, but if something happens where the temperature gets too high, then hot water can be used; just make sure that everything warms up first. Then there is the possibility that you simply have a large air bubble stuck within your system, which can be difficult to get rid of. In order to fix this, see our article on how to use a water pump switch.

5.) I’ve been using my water pump regularly, but now it seems as if it’s not working. What could be wrong?

The first thing you’ll want to do is check for breaks in the hoses. Even the smallest tear can cause some pretty big problems, so replace any possible damage ASAP. If everything looks fine, there may be an issue with the cord or power supply, causing the pump to shut off unexpectedly. Disconnect all cords and reconnect them one by one until you find out where the problem lies. This will likely lead you to where the power supply is coming from.

6.) I can’t seem to figure out how to connect all these hoses. Can you help me?

As long as your pump came with instructions, it should be fairly easy to put everything together. If, for whatever reason, your instructions are missing or lost, then click here to see an example of what one looks like. It only takes a couple of moments, and well…it will save you hours of headache later on!

7.) I noticed that my tank seemed full, but no water was released into the RV. What’s wrong?

Before checking any hoses or valves, the first thing you’ll need to do is make sure that the hose connection between the hose bibb and the water pump is tight. If it seems fine, there may be an issue with the hose bibb itself, which can easily be replaced.

8.) I already flushed my freshwater tank, but now my hot/cold knobs are blowing cold air. What should I do?

Before making any repairs ensure that you have blown out the lines by using compressed air to check for dirt or debris being trapped within either of your valves. This could cause serious problems, so make sure to take care of it ASAP! Otherwise, if everything looks fine, you might need to replace one or both of your faucet assemblies.

9.) My water pump stopped working altogether after just a few months of owning it. Is this normal?

Unfortunately, this is not normal. While it may not be the most reliable product on the market, this should last you years before giving you any problems at all! If something malfunctions, you were likely sent a defective pump, which should be returned for another one.

10.) I can’t seem to find my model number anywhere on my water pump? Where is it located?

Usually, the model number will be printed with white text along the base of your hoses or printed directly onto your switch itself. In some cases, they are even printed directly onto the motor housing, but if none of these options work for you, make sure to check around –if nothing else, give places like Amazon a try as users often leave comments with their model number.

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RV owners should be aware of the importance of checking their existing water pumps before purchasing a new one. You can find some great advice to help you determine what features are important when browsing for an RV powerplant here, including how much pressure and noise level it has as well as its price tag!


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