How to Clean an RV Furnace?

How to Clean a RV Furnace

Cleaning the furnace compartment is important in maintaining your RV’s heating system. The furnace compartment should be free of debris, insects, and leaves. Owners should also check the furnace for soot, as soot around the furnace can be an indication of a more serious problem. The motor may require repair, or the burner and heat exchanger may be clogged.

Before starting

When cleaning your RV’s furnace ductwork, turning off the gas line is important before beginning the cleaning process. Doing so can pose health risks, so follow the owner’s manual before beginning. In addition, you should also remove the exhaust vent from the furnace. Once this is done, you should remove any screws holding it in place. In addition, you should remove any nesting material or insects that may have taken shelter in the duct.

Vacuum the area around it

The first step in cleaning an RV furnace is to vacuum the area around the furnace. Some furnaces are accessible inside the RV, while others require removing an exterior panel. After vacuuming, dust and other debris should be wiped away with a damp cloth. Care should be taken not to spray any cleaning solution directly on the furnace, as this may cause damage.

Clean ducting

The next step is to clean the furnace’s ducting. A central manifold system typically connects RV furnaces to the warm air supply. The ducts can run above the floor or through partition walls. It is essential to vacuum as deep into the ducts as possible. Moreover, the ducts can be ideal locations for mice to establish nests, which can harm the operation of the furnace.

Consult a repairman

If you notice black soot coming out of the exhaust vent, you should stop operating the furnace until the soot is gone. Otherwise, it could leak dangerous carbon monoxide. To ensure there are no leaks, it is best to consult a professional RV repairman. In addition, a dusty smell from the vents is another sign that your furnace isn’t working properly.


After cleaning the ductwork and compartment, make sure to check the filters. If necessary, you can use a vacuum cleaner to remove debris from the floor ducts. You should also check the flexible ductwork, which typically routes above the floor and inside cabinets. Look for issues in routing the ductwork, like collapsed or clogged ductwork. If you find any problems, you should contact the manufacturer.

Summing up:

Cleaning the furnace should be a regular part of your motorhome’s seasonal maintenance. Keeping the furnace clean will ensure that your heating and cooling system runs efficiently and safely. It’s a simple task that should be done every summer or winter. It’s also a good idea to clean before using the furnace.

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