7 Tips to Make Your RV Dinette Bed More Comfortable

How to make RV dinette bed more comfortable

An RV dinette bed is meant to be a practical space saver that allows you to get some extra sleep in the back of your vehicle when you’re out on the road. But if you don’t want to sleep uncomfortably and in an awkward position, it’s important to set up your RV dinette bed in such a way that it will provide you with the most restful sleep possible. We’ve compiled 7 tips to help you do just that!

How to make RV dinette bed more comfortable

Blankets & Mattress Covers

Adding an extra layer of blankets can make a world of difference in how comfortable your dinette bed is. You can also find mattress covers specifically designed for RV dinettes that will add an extra layer of cushioning.

The Pillow

A good pillow is key to a comfortable night’s sleep, no matter where you are. When it comes to an RV dinette bed, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, make sure the pillow is firm enough to support your head and neck. A soft pillow will just sink down and leave you feeling achy in the morning. Second, fluff up the pillow before you go to bed and again when you wake up. This will help keep it from getting flat over time. Third, if you’re using a down pillow, make sure it has a good cover on it so that the feathers don’t poke through and poke you in the middle of the night!

Compression Pad

A compression pad is an easy and inexpensive way to make your RV dinette bed more comfortable. Simply place the pad under your mattress and enjoy a more comfortable night’s sleep. It helps keep you from feeling the bumps in the road and makes it easier to get in and out of your rig. Plus, it adds an extra layer of comfort and support.

Thick Rugs Underneath

It can be difficult to find comfortable RV dinette bedding, but one way to make it more comfortable is by adding a thick rug underneath. This will help buffer any bumps and make the surface more even. You can also use this method to add extra insulation in colder weather. Just be sure that the rug is securely fastened so it doesn’t slide around while you’re sleeping.

Non-Slip Sheets

The first step to making your RV dinette bed more comfortable is finding the right sheets. You want sheets that will stay in place and not slip around, especially if you tend to move around a lot in your sleep. Look for non-slip or anti-slip sheets, which are usually made of 100% cotton or microfiber. You may also want to invest in a set of fitted sheets specifically designed for RV dinettes. This will keep you from slipping around while sleeping and can also help protect your skin from chafing. You can find non-slip sheets at most home improvement stores or online.

Air Mattress + Thick Blanket

Get an air mattress specifically designed for RVs. They’re usually shorter and narrower than a standard twin mattress, so they’ll fit better in the limited space. Place the mattress on top of the dinette cushions. This will add an extra layer of cushioning and make the bed feel softer. Use a thick blanket or comforter to make the bedding more substantial.

Add a Heating Pad

There’s nothing worse than a cold, hard RV dinette bed. But you can easily remedy that by adding a heating pad. Just ensure to get one that’s specifically designed for use with RVs. Heating pads come in a various sizes, so you’ll be able to find one that fits your bed perfectly.


By following these seven tips, you can make your RV dinette bed more comfortable and inviting. With a little effort, you can turn tiny space into a cozy oasis. Plus, you’ll be able to enjoy all the benefits of RVing without sacrificing comfort.

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