5 Tips To Make Your RV Camping Trip More Affordable

Affordable RV camping trip

RV camping is an affordable way to vacation. However, how much you spend on your trip depends on how extravagant you are willing to be and whether or not you will stay connected while away from home. Whether it’s your first RV camping experience or you are a seasoned veteran, there are affordable RV camping trip tips available to everyone.

Tips To Make Your RV Camping Trip More Affordable

1) Plan Ahead

One of the biggest expenses associated with an RV camping trip is food. The more you plan for this expense, the easier it will be to manage your budget. This means having a menu planned before leaving for your trip, as well as taking inventory of what items need to be replaced before hitting the road. If making meal plans seems daunting, consider bringing foods that can easily be prepared in campgrounds that have grills.

2) Know Your Options

The best RV camping trips are ones that make you feel like you are at home. One of the most important ways to accomplish this is staying connected to the world outside your window. The cost of internet service can quickly add up on a long trip, so travelers need to know their options before pulling out of the driveway. When considering your internet needs, consider whether or not you need blazing fast speeds for streaming movies or if having Wi-Fi would suffice for checking emails and posting pictures online during your trip. Also, depending on where you visit, there may be free Wi-Fi available in certain areas throughout campgrounds, eliminating the need for expensive satellite internet service.

3) Travel Off-Peak

The summer months are the most popular times of year to go camping, but that doesn’t mean it’s the most affordable RV camping trip. Traveling in off-peak months may require tougher weather conditions, but if you’re on a budget, this is typically when you get the best deals. If traveling in lower temperatures isn’t doable during certain months, consider going for a couple of days and then breaking up your trip with a stop at a hotel or hostel. This option could save you a considerable sum compared to staying confined to your RV for an entire week.

4) Ditch Amenities

When planning out meals and activities before hitting the road, think about what amenities you really need while away from. For example, while cable TV and air conditioning can be nice amenities to have, they’re not entirely necessary. If you feel like spending one night without amenities is too much for your taste. Consider making it a shorter trip and coming home the same day or splitting up your visit with a hotel or hostel.

5) Shop Around

The best way to manage affordable RV camping trip costs is by shopping around and getting the most for your money. This means checking out multiple campgrounds and researching prices online before booking. Knowing all of your options ahead of time will give you an idea of which campgrounds will provide the best value for your dollar. Even if you intend on only staying at one specific park, do extra research just in case nearby campgrounds are offering better deals than the location you’re locked into.

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Even though these money-saving tips can make an affordable RV camping trip, they are meant only to be suggestions. The most important thing is to have fun while on your trip and not worry too much about the cost. Instead of thinking about what you cannot do, try focusing on all the things you’ll get to experience when out in nature for a few days or weeks at a time.


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