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how much is rv insurance

Buying an RV is a considerable investment to make. Most people decided to live in it for their whole life because it looks like a small home with all the necessary accessories. As we insure our house, the same people have to ensure the RV. RV is a vehicle, and we use it to travel around the world. Several incidents could happen at any time. That’s why we need to make insurance of RV. How much is RV Insurance? This is a question that arrives in the mind of every new owner of RV.

There is a little bit difference between insurance of RV or regular vehicle. Because RV insurance is like home insurance, including a complete package. There are many options to cover in an RV insurance policy in which you have to choose. The possibilities are total loss covering, replacement of personal property or emergency covering, etc. RV used to hit the road, and enjoying life in outdoor places. That’s why it is necessary to make an insurance policy for feeling relaxed on the road about accidents or other losses. In this article, we provide complete information about RV insurance.

The Full-Time Cost of RV Insurance

Before you decide RV insurance policy, you must check the total price you have to pay. RV insurance policy all depends on its use. If you are going to use your RV for living in it for your whole life, it will cover the full cost like home. But if you choose to spend only weekends or vacations on it, it will be different from paying. Full-time RV owners have to pay more than other RV owners who use it for traveling only. Most insurance companies charge hefty amounts for the people who choose to live in an RV for a lifetime because of higher risk. Moreover, RV insurance also depends on the other factors you determine, including extra packages, driving habits, other records, etc.

Classifications of RV

RVs insurance is based on its type. Here we divide types of RV into two categories according to coverage, premiums of the RV, etc.

1) A Class Type

Most expensive RVs are included in this category. This category is also called Motorhomes. The gas-powered RVs approximately have insurance of 1000$ to 13, 00$ per year. Also, the full days of usage are counted every year for payment.

2) B Class Type

All the B-class recreational vehicles included in this category including minivans, campers and trailers etc. RV under this category will have standard insurance policies. Also, category B has to pay annual premiums the same as category A with an auto policy. The insurance policy will cover common factors such as driving habits, coverage type, location, and other records, etc. the rates of insurance policy will be varied according to the characteristics you choose.

3) C Class Type

Mid-sized vehicles are included in this category. Most of the vehicles of class C required a sleeping area, which extends the insurance payment. Usually, the cost covers usage, average, annual premiums, etc. the approximate cost is 800$ to 1000$ per year.

4) Miscellaneous

This category includes fifth-wheel vehicles such as trailers with attached hick etc. these trailers are less expensive to pay. Also, these premiums have the vehicle’s age, size, and usage, etc. Furthermore, the policy covers basic coverage and premiums, etc. The total cost of payment could be 200$ to 1000$. And it can be varied according to used trailers or new trailers etc.

Which Factors Can Affect The Insurance Cost?

Insurance policy has different costs, which can be varied according to the various aspects described in the section below.

1) Type of Vehicle

Various kinds of vehicles available in the market and the insurance policy ultimately depend on the type you choose. Such as your RV’s model and original cost will set the insurance cost.

2) Age And Condition

Most of the people buy second-hand RV for traveling and most of the people new Rv. That’s why an insurance policy’s cost could be varied according to the new one or an older one. Because the value will be reduced due to the wearing and tearing of the vehicle.

3) Experience

There is a little bit of a difference between driving a regular vehicle and an RV. RV drivers must learn about the heights and bridges or other restrictions, including turning from corners or backswing. The more experience you have to drive an RV, the more risks you will face on-road, affecting the insurance policy’s cost.

4) Accidents And Traffic Rules

Your driving history will affect insurance costs. In the case of more accidents, you have to pay the higher cost of insurance. So the insurance company will consider your accident history while setting the cost of insurance.

5) Living Area

The area you choose to live in is also considered in the policy. If you live in the mountains or a place with bad weather conditions, there will be more risk. So the insurance company will cost you higher according to the living area.

6) Traveling

If you buy an RV for just traveling, then also it must be varied the insurance policy. Because if you occasionally use your RV, there will be a low-risk rate, but it depends on how far you will travel.

7) Claims

The insurance policy checked all the lawsuits you filed. For example, if you filed a case against firms’ approaches, such as managing problems you have to pay a higher cost.

States With a Higher Rate of Insurance Cost

In some states, there are higher rates of insurance costs due to specific reasons. Such as Michigan stated at number one on the list for the higher ratio of insurance cost due to covering personal injury costs etc. total cost is approximately 4,490$ per year. Louisiana stated at the second number with roundabout cost 2,912$ per year. The insurance policy rate all depends on state laws. That’s why it will be different in any state.


Buying an RV is a very different experience. People use it for various reasons. And these reasons would vary the insurance policies. This article tried to provide information about RV’s insurance policy cost with all the possible causes.

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