Types of RV Awnings & Why Should You Use RV Awning?

Types of rv awning and why you should need to change rv awning

An RV awning is an indispensable accessory for RV owners, and understanding its value is crucial. It serves the purpose of shielding the RV from direct sunlight, allowing you to relax comfortably in the shade wherever you go. Nobody enjoys sitting under the scorching sun, which is why having an RV awning is fantastic for providing shade. Moreover, the shade offered by the awning helps to keep the interior of the RV cool. However, over time, RV awnings can deteriorate due to prolonged exposure to sunlight and other weather conditions. If you’re facing this issue and need to replace your motorhome awning but are unsure about the best options available for your RV, continue reading to discover comprehensive information about RV awnings.

Here we provide some tips to follow in case of tearing the RV awning.

Reasons To Change The RV Awning

There are several reasons behind replacing the RV awning with a new one. Some of the issues we explained in the below section.

1) Holes in RV Awning

Digging holes in the RV awning is a common issue that arises from prolonged use and wear on the fabric. Over time, the fabric can develop dirty spots or even holes. While smaller holes can often be repaired, larger holes may necessitate replacing the entire RV awning.

2) Damage Canopy

Over time, the canopy of the awning may become damaged. While minor repairs may suffice initially, extensive use over the years may eventually necessitate its replacement with a new one.

3) Arms and Mechanisms

Mechanisms, also known as awning arms, were employed to facilitate the movement and proper positioning of the awning. You have the option to either purchase a new awning in the event of broken arms or buy the arms separately.

4) Electric Awning

Advanced RV’s have an electric awning which is very easy to move with a button. Sometimes it doesn’t move due to the dead battery. So before buying a new awning must check your Rv battery. If still, the RV awning doesn’t work even with changing battery then it means that you need to buy a new awning.

Why Should You Use RV Awning?

There are several reasons to buy RV awning which we described in the below section to read.

1) Shades

One of the remarkable advantages of awnings is their ability to provide shade, effectively protecting your RV from direct sunlight. This feature ensures that the interior of your RV remains pleasantly cool, even during scorching summer seasons. Additionally, these shades serve as a comfortable sitting area outside the RV, allowing you to relax without being exposed to the harsh glare of the sun. Furthermore, by utilizing these shades, you can fully enjoy the rain while safeguarding your RV from harmful UV rays.

2) Privacy

Spending quality time with our loved ones outside our usual surroundings is a cherished experience. RV shade can greatly enhance this opportunity. While some modern RVs have exterior walls, opting for an awning is the superior choice as it allows us to enjoy the surrounding views. However, if complete privacy is desired, purchasing a three-sided awning from the market is the ideal solution.

3) Room Space

Using a four-sided RV awning can create a versatile space akin to a small room, allowing your children to play comfortably. Additionally, this enclosed area can be utilized for activities such as yoga and more.

Types of RV Awnings

There are many types of RV awnings available in the market, as we explained here.

1) Slide-Out

The slide-out awning is a commonly used and uncomplicated type of awning found in canvas RVs. What makes it particularly advantageous is its affordability and ease of repair. It can be conveniently attached to the roof of your RV and effortlessly rolled out to provide shade whenever needed. However, it is important to remember to regularly unroll the awning to prevent unpleasant odors and the growth of mold.

2) Fixed

The fixed type of awning is incredibly convenient as it requires minimal effort on your part, thanks to its pre-fixed installation. This particular awning is highly advantageous as it provides protection for your RV against harmful UV rays, rain, and other elements. Additionally, it offers the flexibility to be easily replaced whenever necessary. However, it is important to conduct bi-monthly inspections to ensure it remains in good condition and avoid any potential issues.

3) Patio

A patio awning, also known as a sheltered awning, features a sturdy metal frame, enhancing its reliability and durability. One of the most appealing aspects of this awning type is its three-sided design, which allows you to create an additional room where your children can play, and you can utilize it for exercising or other activities.

4) Electric

New RVs feature electric awnings that eliminate the need for manual setup. These awnings are conveniently installed on the roof and can be effortlessly operated by simply pushing a button. The advanced sensors integrated into these RVs are designed to withstand strong winds and adverse weather conditions, ensuring optimal performance and durability.

How Can You Save Your RV Awning?

To maximize the longevity of your awning, it is important to follow certain instructions. Begin by thoroughly reading and adhering to the manufacturer’s guidelines provided with the awning. Cleaning the awning is crucial, as different fabrics require specific care. You can effectively clean it using a mild soap, but avoid using any abrasive scrubbers.

Regularly inspect the awning to identify any small holes before they worsen. It is advisable to promptly repair any minor tears to prevent further damage.

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An RV awning is a fantastic option for providing shade outdoors. During the summer season, nobody enjoys sitting in the scorching sun. That’s why an RV awning is an excellent choice for maintaining a cool environment inside the RV. However, over time, the RV awning may deteriorate and require replacement.

In this article, we provide valuable information about different types of RV awnings and explain why you might need to replace your current one. We also cover all the relevant details about awnings. Make sure to read the article to obtain accurate and helpful information.


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