Types of RV Awning & Why Should You Need to Change RV Awning

types of rv awning and why you should need to change rv awning

RV awning is the essential accessory to use an RV. Every RV owner must know its worth. It used to protect the RV from direct sunlight. And also you can sit under the shade at any place. No one likes to sit in front of direct sunlight; that’s why using an RV awning is excellent to provide shade. On the other side, due to shades, RV stays cool from the inside. The issue is that RV awnings will break out with time due to sunlight or other weather conditions.
If your RV runs this problem and wants to replace your motorhome awning but doesn’t know which types of RV awning are best for your RV, then keep reading and get complete information about RV awning.

Here we provide some tips to follow in case of tearing RV awning.

Reasons To Change The RV Awning

There are several reasons behind replacing the RV awning with a new one. Some of the issues we explained in the below section.

1) Holes in RV Awning

Digging holes in the RV awning is the most common issue. The issue creates due to the fabric of the awning. The fabric will be got dirty spots or holes due to using for many years. Some of the holes can be repaired, but due to some big holes, you need to change the RV awning.

2) Damage Canopy

A canopy of the awning could be damaged with time. Sometimes you can quickly repair it, but after using many years, it must be needed to replace with a new one.

3) Arms and Mechanisms

Mechanisms used to move the awning and helped it to set at the proper place. The mechanisms are also called arms of the awning. It’s your choice to buy a new awning due to breaking down arms, or you can buy just these arms separately.

4) Electric Awning

Advanced RV’s have an electric awning which is very easy to move with a button. Sometimes it doesn’t move due to the dead battery. So before buying a new awning must check the battery. If still, RV awning doesn’t work even with changing battery then it means that you need to buy a new awning.

Why Should You Use RV Awning?

There are several reasons to buy RV awning which we described in the below section to read.

1) Shades

The best thing about awning is that it provides shade to keep protect your RV from direct sunlight so your RV will be stayed cool from inside even in the hot summer season. Also, the shades used to sit outside of the RV sometimes, and no one would like to sit in direct sunlight. Due to using these shades you can enjoy rain more and also protect your RV from UV rays.

2) Privacy

Sometimes we love to spend quality time with our dear ones outside of the area, and RV shade will provide us with this opportunity. Some of the modern RV’s have walls outside. But an awning is the best option because you can also enjoy the view. In case of wanting complete privacy, then you can buy a three-sided awning from the market.

3) Room Space

If you used a four-sided RV awning, then it will be just like a small room. Where your children can play easily. Also, you can make this small room for your yoga activities, etc.

Types of RV Awning

There are many types of awning available in the market, as we explained here.

1) Slide-Out

The slide-out is the most straightforward type of awning used in RV manufactured with Canvas. The best thing is that slide-out awning is significantly cheaper and simple to fix on RV. you can fix it with the roof of your RV and rolled it out after using shade. But keep in mind to unroll it regularly to prevent the smell and mold from it.

2) Fixed

The fixed type of awning didn’t require any effort from you because of already fixing. This type of awning would be great to use because it will prevent the RV from UV rays and rain etc. moreover, you can easily change it whenever you need to change it. But on the other side, you need to check it twice a month because it can occur.

3) Patio

Patio awning is also called sheltered. Frames of this awning manufactured with metal material which makes it more reliable and durable. The best attractive thing about this type of awning is that it comes in a three-sided style so you can make an extra room with it where your children can play. Also, you can use this extra room for doing exercise, etc.

4) Electric

The electric awning used in new RVs. There is no need to put any extra effort because it’s already fixed on the roof. You just need to push the button before using it. The sensors of this RV will bear the extra cool winds and also handle bad weather conditions.

How Can You Save Your RV Awning?

If you want to use your awning for a more extended period, then you must need to follow some instructions.
First of all, we must follow the complete instructions attached to the awning. Clean the awning according to the instructions. Because every awning manufactured with different fabrics and you need to clean it with care. Moreover, you can easily use any soap for deep cleaning. But never try to use any scrubber.
Must check the awning regularly and find any hole before it becomes so big. Try to repair the small tears before further damages.

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RV awning is excellent to use for shading outside. No one likes to sit in the sunshine, especially in the summer season. That’s why an RV awning is an excellent option for keeping the cool environment inside the RV. But the problem is that the RV awning can be broken down with time and it needs to replace with a new one. Here in this article, we described useful information regarding types of RV awning and why should you need to change the RV awning. Also, we described all the related information about the awning. So must read the article to get the right information.

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