How Much Solar Power Do I Need For My RV?

How much solar power do i need for my rv

RV is a great option to choose for traveling and camping. Most people love to live in an RV because it looks like a small home. RV is called a small home due to having all the necessary items which a home need, including water, electricity, and kitchen, etc. but using electricity is costly. Also, it isn’t easy to get electricity directly in some areas.
A solar panel is a great option to provide electricity in the RV, but it arises a lot of questions in mind. Such as is my RV all ready with a solar panel? How much solar power do I need for my RV?

Ready With The Solar Panel

The first question is essential to consider, which means that we have to do all the activities related to the solar panel. Manual solar panels required all the wiring setup with ports etc., but now in this modern age, solar panels come with a complete kit. You have to plugin, and it will start functioning. Most of the kits include all the tools which you need. So always complete the installing process before leaving for tour.

The Efficiency of The Solar Panel

Several types of solar panels are available in the market. All have great functions, but we enlist them according to their efficiency level. The perfect 100-watt solar panel will provide 100-watt energy consumption. But there are other factors which can affect the power of solar panel including weather conditions, temperature levels and time, etc. so before leaving for travel must check the weather conditions of the area and time of sunrises, etc.

How Much Solar Power Do I Need For My RV?

This is the actual question asked by many users as well as an essential question to ask. How can we estimate the actual need for solar panels in our RV? Or how much solar power do I need for my RV? Well, it all depends on uses including that how much electricity you will use? In this section, we provide some tips through which you can easily estimate the actual need for panels. An almost 100-watt solar panel will provide 30 amp of electricity per hour. According to this guide, you can determine the number of panels. Another tip is that match the battery power according to amp per hour, such as 300 amp hour will require 300 watts of solar panels. Moreover, try to keep in mind that each solar panel will require 75% extra energy in cloudy weather. Now you have to count it 20% less power.

There is another option to estimate power. For example, if you use 50 amp power per hour with the regular battery, then it means that you have to use the same amount of energy from the solar panel after optimal charging. Six hours of solar energy will charge 30 amp per day, which will be enough for one day.

Types of Solar Energy

There are two types of energy, Monocrystalline, and Polycrystalline. The polycrystalline solar panel is ten percent less than efficient as compare to Monocrystalline. It depends on the manufacturing of solar panels. The polycrystalline solar panel would convert 10 to 15 percent sun energy into electricity while on the other side, Monocrystalline will convert 22 percent sun energy into electricity.
Still, we recommend polycrystalline because it comes at less price so everyone can easily afford it as compare to monocrystalline counterparts which are 30 to 50 percent more expensive. It might be possible in the future, and there will be more energy-efficient energy sources will be available in the market.

Items Included in The Kit

The solar kit includes almost include all the necessary items you need for installing a solar panel. In this section, we provide all the information about the primary tools.

1) Charger Controller

It used to check the power supply in batteries. Batteries can be damaged due to overcharging or less energy supply. So it is necessary to check the total power supply in batteries from preventing damages. The most famous charge controllers are Pulse Width Modulation (PWN) and power point tracking (MPPT) etc., we recommend MPPT charge controllers due to extra efficiency and technology. The best thing about the MPPT control charger is that it will convert sun energy into electricity more efficiently.

2) Batteries

Batteries must be efficient and durable. Maximum battery hours are 300 amp-hours. But make sure that how many amps you required to use for your system. batteries are the most important to choose in the best way. Most of the famous and efficient batteries are Lead-Acid, AGM, and Lithium, etc. these batteries are great to use, and they never damage with time due to extra charging. The 100 amp battery will surely provide you with 100 watts of electricity. Another reason is that these batteries are light weighted as compared to other traditional batteries. The maximum weight is 37 pounds. Another best thing is that due to perfect sealing there will be no need to maintain them.

3)Battery Monitor

Most of the other researchers didn’t give any particular attention to battery monitors. But here we highlight this accessory due to its importance. The battery monitor is handy to check the battery performance. It can be connected with the mobile phone via Bluetooth. You have to download the app to monitor the actual battery timing and power supply through your mobile.

Items To Run On Solar Panels

If you want to use solar panels and batteries for a more extended period, then you must know which items you can run on batteries. These accessories include Apple Mac mini-book, Microwave, Hait Dryer, Coffeemaker, Sandwich maker, Wifi Router, mobile charging and Lights, fans, fancy lights, and radio, etc. certain things you cannot run on accessories include Air conditioner, Refrigerator, and space heaters, etc.


Solar panels are a great source to save money which you have to spend on electricity bills. But most of the people got confused about the actual quantity of solar panels they required in their RV. In this guide, we tried to explain that How much solar power do I need for my RV with all the possible information.

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