How To Convert RV Water Heater To Tankless

How To Convert RV Water Heater To Tankless

RVs are famous as small homes because of providing all the necessary items just like a home, including a kitchen, beds, electricity, water, etc. people used RVs for traveling around the world for several days. Most people love to live in an RV just for the sake of the natural environment. Because you can take your RV anywhere easily, water is the most essential thing to use for cleaning, cooking, bathing, etc. Using a water heater in RV is an essential accessory, but a tankless water heater becomes very expensive to keep in an RV. So, if you want to know how to convert an RV water heater to tankless on your own at a low cost keep reading this guide and learn how can you change your water heater into a tankless water heater?

Advantages of A Tankless Water Heater

In this modern age, the use of tankless water increasing day by day by becoming famous. The tankless water heater has several advantages for an RV, which we explain in the below section.

1) Clean Hot Water

Getting clean water while traveling is the most challenging because there are many areas where you cannot get clean water, or in cold areas, it is challenging to get hot water. But having an electric tankless water heater in RV makes your life easier and more relaxing. But storing it for a long makes it dirty with time. That’s why having a tankless water heater will provide you with clean water.

2) Efficiency

Another advantage is that the tankless water heater used a deficient energy level and is famous for using less gas. That’s why you can save energy and the money you have to spend on fuel. Gas could be expensive at any time, so having a tankless water heater would be a great accessory.

3) Space requirement

RV space is a very particular thing for every accessory because you can manage each necessary item in a small space. It would help if you kept a tankless water heater due to taking less space and you don’t have to make any extra corners for it. Tankless means that you can save the space where you have to keep a tank with a heater, but now there is no need.

How To Convert RV Water Heater To Tankless

There are several benefits of having a tankless water heater in an RV. In this section, we tried to guide you on how to convert an RV water heater to tankless on your own. You need to follow these steps.

1) Electricity

First of all, turn off the propane tank with a water supply. Do this step before the next steps, including disconnection of elasticity and gas, fix the heater in its place, such as outside of the RV. Moreover, if you have to fix a new tankless heater in the new RV, you need to find the exact place to fix the heater quickly. In the case of an old water heater, use a drill to unscrew it.

2) Sealing

The next step is to cut off the sealing of the new heater. There is no need to put extra effort. You can do this function by just caulking scarper. Scrape the sealing thoroughly, especially from the corners. Then take it to the place where you need to install it. Be careful about the paint of the RV and heater.

3) Cleaning

If you replaced the older one with a new heater, you must clean the place before fixing it. Clean the debris or Algae etc., with a scraper or caulk. Also, clean the dust and mold, etc.

4) Size

Just make sure that the opening size is perfectly suitable, according to the tank. Measure the heater’s dimensions before digging a hole in the RV outside of the RV. on the other side, in case of replacement, buy a new heater according to older dimensions so there will be no need to dig a new hole.

Popular Tankless Heaters in The Market

Several tankless heaters are available in the market, but great heaters from the list are for your convenience.

1) LPG Gas Water Heater

The great thing about this heater is its venting-free technology. This means that there will be no need to use expensive fuel. If you want to use your water heater for a more extended period, you must buy an LPG tankless water heater due to its reliability. The company gives you a lifetime warranty. The heater has low water pressure technology, which required only two psi for starting up.

2) Ecotype L10 Tankless Water Heater

The Ecotemp water heater is specially designed for RV or other recreational vehicles such as minivans, trucks or tankers, etc. The best thing about the Ecotemp water heater is that it is elementary to use. Manufacturing is excellent due to using 9 inches gas regulator and a hose. There is an option to reset the settings in case of an automatic gas system. Also, the manual system is available but you can shut it off if you don’t need this feature. Moreover, the tankless water is very light weighted, so it is easy to fix in an RV. Another best thing is that heater comes with battery charging, so there is no need to use electricity for connection.

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The water heater is an essential thing to use in an Rv because of its unavailability in many areas. Dirty water can damage your health, so it is essential to use clean water while traveling. Getting hot water while touring is one of the most challenging things, tats why the water heater is an essential accessory for an RV. Tankless water heaters are very expensive, and everyone cannot afford them. So if you have a tight budget, then you don’t need to be worried. This guide tried to provide information about how to convert RV water heaters to tankless water heaters with several benefits. It would be best if you read the article to get complete information.

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