How To Build A Kayak Rack For An RV

How to build a kayak for an RV

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast and like to explore the great outdoors by kayak, you’ll need to find a way to get your kayak to your destination in one piece. It can be quite challenging fitting it into your car, let alone getting it into the back of your RV. If you’re looking for an easy way to safely transport your kayak without damaging it or risking any damage to your RV, consider building a custom kayak rack that will fit your specific needs. You’ll be able to enjoy your trip and return home with everything intact!

Carrying Kayak On RV:

It is possible to carry the kayak on an RV. However, you must check if your camper can carry that extra weight. Since a kayak would be placed on the RV’s exterior, it is essential that it is secured properly and won’t pose any risk while traveling.

You can build racks or transport kayaks on RVs by connecting them with bungee cords or bungee-cord-like systems. A good way to securely attach the kayak rack onto the RV’s roof is by using tie-down straps. Another option would be mounting brackets, which attach directly to the RV’s roof. The straps can also be connected via mounts, connecting to both of these parts RV and kayak rack.

Transport Using a Kayak Rack:

It is possible to carry kayaks in an RV. However, you must check if your camper can carry that extra weight. Since a kayak would be placed on the RV’s exterior, it is essential that it is secured properly and won’t pose any risk while traveling. As long as your Rv has exterior clearance and the rack can safely attach without damaging the shell, then you should be able to transport your kayaks with ease.

Materials and Tools Needed:

The first step is to build the kayak rack. Ideally, the base of the rack will be metal (not just galvanized), and it should also be double bolted into place so that it is sturdy. The top of the rack should be firmly secured, and there needs to be additional support in place in case the weight exceeds 500 pounds. You will need some 4x4s or 4x8s, and those two sheets of plywood will get you started with building your new kayak carrier. Measure your Rv’s width and height before starting construction. The height of the rack must be high enough to ensure that it doesn’t hit the roof but low enough so as not to block any windows when driving.

Step 1 – Base Plate:

A strong base plate will anchor the kayak rack onto the outside of your vehicle. You can use one or cut two boards and connect them with some hardware. Whatever you do, ensure the wood is attached to the camper securely because you don’t want it sliding off and becoming lost while traveling. We recommend using lag bolts that go through the aluminum extrusion rails (so they won’t rust) and into a reinforced area on your trailer hitch (above) or bumper.

Step 2 – Mounting Brackets:

Once you have determined where your kayaks will be stored on the RV, it is time to move on to mounting brackets. The most common way of storing them is with the handles outside the RV so that each kayak can be raised as needed. If this is how you want yours set up, you’ll need two pieces of 2×4 lumber cut into two pieces 18 inches long and four more cuts at 3 feet in length.

Step 3 – Securing the Kayak:

To build a kayak rack, you will need to measure your roof and then decide how long you want the kayaks to be able to sit on top of the camper. The most important aspect of this step is safety, so be sure that your measurements do not leave too much weight on one side of the RV. Secure each end with durable hooks or a heavy-duty strap, so it does not slip off.

Step 4 – Get a Roof Mounted Rack for your RV

There are many Rv kayak racks on the market today that you can use. If you have the capability, it is important to find one that has a roof-mounted rack, or you can also get an extension pole-mounted rack. This will keep your kayak secure and out of the way while travelling. If not, you need to securely attach your kayak rack to the RV’s outside framework. Building a kayak rack is easy if an extended rack is already on your RV.

Can you attach kayaks to the back of an RV?

While I was thinking about adding kayaks to our outdoor adventures, I was also wondering if it would be possible to attach them to the back of our camper. It turns out that it is possible, but your RV has to be able to handle the extra weight. Some racks you can buy will make the process easy and ensure they don’t move while driving. Some even come with tie-downs, so you don’t have any worries.

How To Haul A Kayak On An RV?

For dry land, you can attach the kayak on top of your vehicle by using roof rack carriers or other hauling systems. When transporting kayaks over long distances, it is important that they are secured properly and that there are no risks while traveling. Furthermore, when attaching the kayaks to an RV, the racks themselves must have good construction and design because this will prevent any swaying motion during travel time.


If you have always wanted to explore the great outdoors but worry about not having space in your vehicle, consider installing a kayak rack! After assessing your needs and determining the capabilities of your camper, you are sure to find the perfect solution. Whether you want something simple and easy or extra sturdy and intricate, there is an option for everyone. Don’t forget that safety should be a top priority when travelling with any vehicle, so ensure all parts are firmly secured. When properly installed, a kayak will ride securely on the exterior of your RV. Once everything is set up, get ready for some major adventuring.

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