How To Improve A Motorhome Shower

How To Improve A Motorhome Shower

Showering is obviously something everyone has to do, but on a longer trip in a motorhome, it can be particularly important. if you want to know about How To Improve A Motorhome Shower so read this blog. Showers and bathrooms are generally small and not made for daily use by multiple people that might want to go at different times of the day. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with showering once or twice per day. we’re only talking about when you have other people in your caravan, especially children.

Toilets are often located in the shower room too, so if one gets blocked it means no more showers until someone sorts it out -not bad in an emergency but otherwise frustrating.
So here are some tips that will help you achieve the best possible showering experience in your motorhome

How To Improve A Motorhome Shower

For starters

Invest in a shower tray. The standard shower cubicle is not designed for the volume of water that comes from a caravan shower head for RV and you’ll have puddles everywhere unless you have some sort of tray with a drain to collect the excess water.


Make sure your caravan has a decent hot water storage system, otherwise, you will never get a good enough temperature when taking a shower with an instantaneous gas or electric heater. Caravan manufacturers obviously don’t think showers are important so they install rubbish heaters but don’t include any form of additional hot water storage system. Make sure yours has at least a 50-liter tank!

  • Also always look for a caravan with the largest shower cubicle possible. If you can’t fit inside comfortably, it means your elbow will be touching the side of the cubicle every time you move and that’s not good!*
  • If you really want to get a great shower experience, then buy some sort of electric pump and connect it to your onboard freshwater storage system. Then all you have to do is press a button and within seconds, your shower tray or floor is full of nice warm water ready for use.*
  • Make sure there’s nothing flammable in the proximity of any gas boiler installation if they are installed in a confined space under a sink unit.*
  • These points aren’t meant to scare anyone off from buying a motorhome, just to remind people that you get what you pay for. The cheapest van will have the cheapest fittings and if you want something nice, you’re going to have to pay more.*
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If you follow these simple tips, you’ll get a great shower experience in your caravan. If there are more people using the bathroom at the same time, then someone will have to be patient but it’s better than not being able to go!


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