How To Keep RV Water Fresh? [Solution]

How To Keep RV Water Fresh?

An RV is similar to a small home, equipped with all the necessary items you need. In this guide, we provide a solution on how to keep the water in your RV fresh. This is an essential part, but it differs a bit from your home. In a house, the water system drains into the sewage system, but in an RV, the water system utilizes large tanks for waste removal. These tanks do not need to be emptied regularly, but they do require maintenance.

Furthermore, there are three water tanks in your RV. One of them contains clean and pure water, which is used for drinking. The second tank, called the grey tank, is used to collect sink water waste. The third tank, known as the black tank, is used to flush out all the waste material from your RV

How To Keep RV Water Fresh?

Sanitize water tank

As water tanks age, they may accumulate bacteria and other germs over time, resulting in unpleasant odors and taste. While using bleach is a straightforward solution, some may prefer an alternative method. To eliminate any bad smells, you can follow these foolproof steps. Firstly, mix one cup of bleach with four gallons of water. If the tank holds more than four gallons, use one and a half cups of bleach with six gallons of water instead. Next, pour the bleach solution into the tank and run the water from all the taps until the tank is empty. Finally, refill the tank with fresh water.

Try These Method Three Times Consecutive:

1. Sink stink

If the sink in your kitchen or bathroom develops an unpleasant odor over time, you can effectively eliminate it by employing orange soda. The effervescent properties of the soda will aid in cleansing the sink, while the orange soda itself will effectively eradicate the odor.

2. Drain food

Use your sink with care and never let the food in the drain system. It will go into the grey water tank and, after some time, makes it smelly.

3. Chemicals

There are numerous varieties of chemicals that you can find in the market to effectively clean the black tank water of your RV. In case the tank becomes excessively dirty, you can utilize one of these chemicals to eliminate any unpleasant odors and ensure that your RV is fresh and clean.

4. Closed valve

Forgetting to close the valve of the black tank can be a significant oversight with unpleasant consequences. It results in the solid waste remaining trapped in the tank, creating a messy situation. To avoid such dirty tasks, it’s crucial to remember to shut the valve of the grey water tank.

5. Clean it

Try to drain the water on any station and clean it thoroughly. Do the spray in the whole tank for making it clean and fresh. After that, wash it with water. You can repeat this method two or three times in a weak.



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