How To Keep RV Water Fresh? [Solution]

How To Keep RV Water Fresh?

RV is like a small home, so it has all the necessary items which you need. In this guide, we provide a solution on how to keep RV water fresh? This is the essential part but it is a little bit different as compare to your home. In-home, your water system drains into the sewerage system, but in RV, this water system used big tanks for removal. You don’t need to empty them regularly, but you have to maintain them.

Moreover, there are three water tanks included in your RV. one of them contained clean and pure water. This water used to drink. The second water tank called the grey tank used to waste the sink water and the last third water tank called black because it used to flush out all the waste material in your RV.

How To Keep RV Water Fresh?

Sanitize water tank

If the water tank gets older and you stored water in it, then it will create bacteria and other germs with time. Also, it will generate some smell, so the taste of water got terrible. Now the simple solution is to use bleach. But if you don’t want to use this bleach directly, then you can use a foolproof method to eliminate bad smells. The first step is that you have to mix one cup of bleach in four gallons of water, and if the water is more than four gallons, then you have to mix one and a half cups of bleach in six gallons of water. The second step is that add this bleach water to the tank. The next step is that run this tank of water from all the sinks until it gets empty. After that, fill this tank with fresh water.

Try These Method Three Times Consecutive:

1. Sink stink

Now, if the sink in the kitchen or bathroom sink gets odor with time. Then use some orange soda to clean it. The fizz material was used to clean it and the orange soda was used to remove the smell.

2. Drain food

Use your sink with care and never let the food in the drain system. It will go into the grey water tank and, after some time, makes it smelly.

3. Chemicals

There are many types of chemicals available in the market to clean the black tank water. If it gets dirtier, then you can use one of these chemicals and make your RV free from bad smells.

4. Closed valve

Some people forget to shut down the valve of the black tank. And it is a big mistake. It means that the solid waste will never drain from your tank. So if you don’t want to do any dirty job, then you have to close the valve of the grey water tank.

5. Clean it

Try to drain the water on any station and clean it thoroughly. Do the spray in the whole tank for making it clean and fresh. After that, wash it with water. You can repeat this method two or three times in a weak.

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