How To Paint RV Exterior Fiberglass | 3 Easy Steps

How To Paint RV Exterior Fiberglass

RV is a huge investment you made in your life, and you cannot make it again and again. The manufacturing of the RV vehicle remains the same, but the color and fashion changed. It is impossible to buy a new RV vehicle just because of changing trends and styles. The most factors are the performance and comfort of the vehicle. But for many people, the look of the product is everything. There may be another reason you don’t like your vehicle’s new color, so it doesn’t mean that you have to buy a new RV vehicle. You can change the color on your own so, if you thinking about how to paint RV exterior fiberglass then you can follow our simple instructions to make your RV look brand new.

Preparations For Painting

Anything you are going to do required some preparations. As well as RV needs some preparations before applying paints. So, first of all, find a shady area to park the RV in the right place. Then collect the necessary items included sandpaper, gloves, soap, sponge and detergent, painter tape, etc.

1) Cleaning Before Paint

This is the essential factor to consider. First of all, clean the dust from the exterior. Use soapy water and a sponge. At first, spread the soapy water on the whole body and then use a sponge to clean all the dust and spots. After that, wash the exterior with fresh water. You can also use microfiber towels to wipe the exterior thoroughly. The RV roof could be full of dust and germs etc., due to several years of use. The cleaning process will take a few hours of your time.

2) Roughen The Surface

Roughen up is another essential step to follow. Sandpaper is used to apply coating and priming. There is no need to put extra time into this step. You have to do one coat only to get satisfactory results. Almost it will take only one hour. The actual purpose of using sandpaper is to make the exterior more smooth and clean.

3) Wiping The Surface

After using sandpaper, pour the clean cloth into Denatured Alcohol to remove the exterior’s surface. Alcohol is necessary to wipe out the surface properly. So there will no Greece left on the surface. There is also legal alcohol available in the market, but we recommend Denatured Alcohol due to better results.

3) Painting Tape

This step is also essential to focus on. Several parts of the RV where you cannot apply the paint, so before starting paint must use the tape on these parts. The most common parts include doorknobs, tire rims, and other small fixtures, etc. also, windows and headlights don’t need paint. So also cover the windows and headlights with tape carefully.

4) Primer

You cannot forget to apply this step. Most people forgot to use a primer and think that it is unnecessary, but it will be a mistake because primers can fix the small cracks and fill the pores. So the paint will be set on the surface more quickly and efficiently.

Another best thing about the primer is that it will increase the life span of paint. Try to choose the primer from latex, epoxy, and polyurethane brands, etc., and never forget to select the paint from the same brand for getting better results. Remember that, after applying primer, wait until the exterior dries out completely. It will take a few hours.

Must follow the instructions of the primer brand you choose before applying.

How To Paint RV Exterior Fiberglass

After completing the preparations, now it’s time to apply proper paint on the surface. But there are many other parts to follow before applying.

1) Process of Painting

After cleaning the whole exterior and other groundwork, follow some simple steps. Anyway, it would help if you found the right place to park your RV, such as under shades or proper lighting. Keep in mind that never parks the RV under direct sunlight while painting.

There are two options for painting in the market, such as painting a gun or paintbrush. Both are great to use. But painting brush is more comfortable to use because of the slow process. Painting gun is difficult to handle due to fast functioning. Besides, it’s fast functioning; the painting gun is more smooth and easy to use. But it required proper learning of the process of applying. Otherwise, your clothes can get dirty.

2) Start The Paint

At first, start the paint from the front side of the RV without dripping. Painting guns enhance the chance of dripping paint due to faster functioning, and it will be a problem. So try to be careful before applying the paint and prevent the dripping issue. After applying paint on the whole exterior, please wait until it got dry out ultimately. The color will take more time for drying as compared to the primer. At least it required twenty-four hours to wait. After drying out, you can decide, either your RV needed another coat of paint or not.

3) Waxing The Paint

After drying out the paint, the next big step is to apply waxing to the exterior. Waxing is necessary to protect the paint. Because paint can be damaged with sunlight or other outdoor equipment such as bad weather conditions, that’s why waxing, is a great option to protect the paint for a more extended period. Again use the painted paper to cover the areas where you don’t need to apply wax. It did not require much time of yours because of the easy application process. The simple method is to use a towel and pour it in wax and then apply the wax to the whole surface. Do this process in slow motion. You can use the wax ion polish form because it will be easy to apply.

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RV paint will damage sunlight and bad weather conditions such as heavy rain or fog, etc. However, buying a new RV may be very expensive, so if you want to turn your older motorhome into a new one then paint RV exterior fiberglass is a great way and you can change the color on your own. But if you don’t know how to paint RV exterior fiberglass then you can follow this guide to do it by yourself with just simple and easy steps. In this guide, we tried to provide complete information about applying paint on RV in the best manner.

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