How to Unclog RV Refrigerator?

How to Unclog RV Refrigerator

One of the most common problems when RVing is a clogged RV refrigerator. This problem is most often caused by a lack of power. This problem can also be caused by blown fuses. The good news is that most motorhomes have clear labels on the fuse boxes, which are easily replaced. Let’s take a look at how to unclog the RV refrigerator:

How to Unclog RV Refrigerator?

Disconnect the thermistor

To test the thermistor, unplug the refrigerator from 120-volt AC. If it is in cooling mode, disconnect the thermistor and place it in a jar with almost-freezing water. You can also check the resistance of the Thermistor on the control board. If it is at a lower resistance, try changing the temperature setting.

RV refrigerators can malfunction for several reasons. For instance, the thermistor could fall off the fin and become loose, preventing the fridge from defrosting properly. To prevent this from happening, the thermistor should be securely fastened to the fin. In addition, the temperature of the ambient air can affect the efficiency of cooling by the thermistor. High ambient temperatures reduce the cooling efficiency of the Thermistor, as the heated mixture flows faster.

Clean the drain plug

If you find that your RV refrigerator is not draining properly, you may need to clean the drain plug. It’s usually located at the end of the drain tube. The plug acts as a check valve and helps prevent the backflow of air, which causes condensation. It has a shape similar to a P-Trap. In addition to keeping the drain hose clean, the plug can also help prevent the formation of ammonia, which can cause yellow stains and a strong smell.

Replace the thermistor

If you are having trouble with temperature regulation in your RV refrigerator, the thermistor may be to blame. It is important that you replace this component only in an emergency. The thermistor is located near the light at the back of the refrigerator and is connected to the fins. You can test this thermistor to see if it can be removed safely without damaging your refrigerator.

Clean the cooling unit

You don’t need to remove the RV refrigerator to clean the cooling unit of an RV refrigerator. Just remove the back panel of the unit. You can then access the ventilation cavity of the cooling unit by removing the lower exterior panel. Once inside, insert the air hose and blow out all the exposed areas. This will keep your refrigerator from smelling musty or getting overheated.

Cleaning the cooling unit of an RV refrigerator is essential to maintain its efficiency and avoid fungus and mold growth. You can use a solution of bleach and water every few weeks to avoid the formation of these contaminants. Regular cleaning will also extend the life of your refrigerator and minimize the need for costly repairs.

Clean the drain line

You can fix a clogged drain line in your RV refrigerator with a few steps. First, remove the lower access door. Turn the two plastic fasteners at the bottom of the door 90 degrees to remove it. Next, remove the drain line plug and clean the drain line. Afterward, check the drain line for any loose or missing parts. Replace them if needed.

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