RV Entry Door And RV Entry Lock Door Guide | Read This Before Buying or Fixing

RV Entry Door And RV Entry Lock Door Guide

In addition to being an easy way to access both your motorhome and the great outdoors, the entry door of a recreational vehicle is also a significant security risk. You need to protect yourself from thieves looking for anything valuable they can steal. However, you don’t want someone who might have had too much fun at a party-crashing inside your RV, either! Without some kind of lock on it, anyone could walk up and access your vehicle without much trouble whatsoever. here’s the RV Entry Door And RV Entry Lock Door Guide that will help you.

RV Entry Door

However, If this was to happen in the middle of the night while you were sleeping inside, well, let’s just say that it would be quite frightening if not downright dangerous too. Of course, there are no guarantees against anything like this happening, but you must make sure you have an RV entry door lock. An entry lock is typically a deadbolt type of system that has to be engaged before the door can be opened from outside or unlocked from within. So you are basically putting your motorhome on lockdown.

Clockwise Handle

Another part of an entry door lock is the handle, called a cam lock/handle, because it operates using a rotating action similar to what you would see on an old-style safe that used to sit over bank teller windows at some businesses. Remember that when you rotate this handle clockwise, you are actually locking the door; when you turn it counterclockwise, you will unlock it.

However, Some handles may stick out as much as six inches or more after they’re turned, making it easy for you to grab onto this door handle and manually pull it open. With others, however, this cam lock/handle has been designed to be smooth to the touch (no protruding handles), and you must turn it around to get it unlocked.

RV Door Lock

The right RV entry door lock will keep your motorhome secure while allowing for easy access when inside or using the interior entry steps. But, of course, it is also necessary that you have an external lock on your entry door, too, just in case you ever forget whether or not the inside handle is engaged. RV entry door and RV entry door locks can make all the difference with your motorhome. Here is a list of questions you should ask yourself before buying an RV entry door lock or choosing a replacement for your existing door lock:

Which side of the door does it open?

The two most popular doors on RVs are slides and swing outdoors. Slides usually open to the front, whereas swinging doors open towards the rear. If you’re planning to buy a slide-out lock, then make sure that whichever dealer you go to specifies which side it opens on and whether this is right (hinged) or left (sliding). Do not assume anything! Door locks come in three types: deadbolt, cam lock, or handle.

So, Deadbolt door locks are fastened with a bolt that goes across the entire door width, whereas cams are fixed on one side of the frame and can be turned to secure it. Handle locks have door handles that you turn to open and close the door. These door locks are most common in Class C RVs (convertibles).

Check if your slide-out has secondary security devices like gaskets or sweeps

Gaskets fit tightly around the inside edge of doors to eliminate any possible gap where fingers might reach through and grab bolts as they’re being thrown. Sweeps go underneath the top track of roll-up sliding panels to stop prying hands from lifting them up and peeking in at valuables.

A slide-out security lock is too loose

If the slide is wobbling, the chances are that the track has been bent out of shape. Make sure it’s straightened before thinking about any security measures. Also, look for holes cut into the bottom of the frame where screws have been removed. Another sign that someone might have tried to access your RV without permission.

RV entry door locks are easy to break

Don’t keep spare keys under mats or pillows inside your RV because they can be found very easily. Don’t hide them outside either because you never know who’s looking around when you’re not around! Keep all spare keys separate, so they are harder to find if one or two are discovered.

RV entry door locks do not work properly

If your RV entry door lock jams, don’t use it anymore and look for a replacement as soon as possible. Door locks usually function smoothly for the first few years, but after extensive wear and tear, they need to be replaced. If you notice that the track has worn out or that the locking mechanism is sticking, then treat yourself to a new lock right away!

You can also adjust regular spring door locks by replacing the coil springs with slightly longer ones. Just remember: do not use regular appliance coil springs. They’re too stiff and will jam up the slide-out mechanism. Some advice on buying RV exterior door locks: Remember to get a lock that can be opened from the inside using either a key or a combination. Also, don’t forget to get spare keys!

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Don’t mistake getting one lock and having to open it from outside if you lose all your keys. Purchase a backup door lock key because locksmiths don’t work on the side of the road. You never know when you might need an emergency replacement if something goes wrong with your RV entry door lock. If that happens, be prepared by making sure there’s a spare key available for every member of your family.

Additionally, as well as extra ones for employees who might need access to your motorhome while you’re away! Finally: Don’t buy cheap plastic locks. They won’t last five minutes and may even break off rather than opening during an attempted break-in. Hope this article will help those looking to purchase RV door locks.


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